Jordan Bowes
Lives: Stokesley, North Yorkshire



Make: VW
Model: Golf GTi
Year: 1979
Capacity: 2000cc
Induction: Turbocharged
Transmission: Quaife 6-speed straight cut dog-box
Weight: 880kg
Power: 300Bhp
Suspension: Avo 2-way adjustable Coilovers

Retro Info:

My passion for Rallycross started at a young age, playing back videos of my father racing and doing anything to go and see his old car race after spending all my childhood looking at it locked away in the shed, desperate to get it out and go racing.

Two years ago my dream came true when me and my father purchased a ex-Rallycross mini that raced against him in the 90’s, drove by the late Tony Gunson behind the wheel. With previous car restoration experience the mini came together over the winter of 2014/15 and with a restoration period of only 2 months the car was back out on the track ready to race. Last year I shared the mini with my father, splitting the events between us with his work taking priority over racing.

After a few meetings and with us both getting heavily involved with the sport we decided that we should get another car out on the track and be able to race alongside each other. After much debate over what car to choose, with my father wanting a Volvo 242 but struggling to find the desired shell and struggling to source parts easily it was my chance to find a suitable car to be a new edition to the Retro Rallycross family. After a lot of searching the internet and spontaneous eBay bidding I ended up choosing a 1979 VW Golf MK1 Series 1 Gti, from Plymouth. Collecting the car in July, work did not start on restoring the shell until November that year. Over the winter we built the golf to what you see today, with a much steeper learning curve involved in building the car as it was the first car we have built with a turbo charger fitted. Many problems arose whilst building this car, from misaligned parts to exploding turbos three days before the first round, the restoration and build of this car was not easy, but well worth it.