Lives: Hagley, Worcestershire
Family: Married to Val.


VW  Polo  that runs a 1300cc engine developing 78bhp at the wheels.

Retro Info:

Paul Smith, a Volkswagen Vehicle Technician  has closely followed others in VW machinery within Rallycross since he first became interested in the sport back in the 1970’s glued to the TV in the days that Rallycross was a regular feature on ITV’s World of Sport programme on Saturday afternoons.

As a spectator Paul supported the likes of John Button, Geoff Thomas, fellow midland driver Brian Betteridge and the late Peter Harrold.

When the Stock Hatch Class was introduced in to the British Rallycross Championship Paul  was tempted to get involved as a competitor and set about converting his then road car, a VW Polo Coupe, with his first race coming one year later at Blyton circuit in Lincolnshire.

Instantly attracted to the Retro Rallycross Challenge following its launch in 2012, Paul contacted the Retro Rallycross office and took part in his first race at the British Rallycross Grand Prix later that year.

Certain facelifts and modifications have been carried out mainly to ensure that the car fits in to the Retro Rallycross eligibility rules. His first colour choice was to mirror the colours scheme of

Paying tribute to Paul Team pricincipal Shirley Gibson told us ” Paul instantly fitted in to the Retro Rallycross Family, he is so enthusiastic of everything that we do and is a valued member of the team”.

Paul commented ”Retro Rallycross is fantastic and the camaraderie is second to none , the Retro Rallycross Championship offers the competitor a refreshing and completely unique  Racing experience”.