Ray Morgan
Lives: Hastings, Sussex
Married: Heather
Children: 2


Ford Escort BDA


The suspension and running gear is all conventional Mk4 with no modern updates…No Power Steering… No Fuel Injection…No Management System…No big 14inch Wheels…4 Speed Gearbox etc.

Retro Info:

Ray and his wife Heather have run their family business a Garage in Hastings for over 30 years, during that time they have raised 2 children; their Daughter is a Teacher at an Agricultural College and Son Gavin an F1 Mechanic, currently working as ‘Front end Man’ to Romain Grosjean.

Ray has a whole host of Motorsport experience, that began with Motorcycle Trials, Enduros and Motocross. He moved over to 4 wheels in the form of Autocross, Trials, Autotest and Hill Climbs to eventually end up in Stage Rallying. Ray’s first car was a Ford 100E, with a 1600 Crossflow engine. A Ford Escort Mk1 (twin cam) came next until finally ending his Rallying career in a H.S Chevette.

The Morgan clan looked to the sport of Rallycross and, wondering if that would offer them the opportunity for all the family to become involved, made the switch from Rallying and were hooked. Ray began his Rallycross Career still competing in the Chevette moving back to Ford in 1987.

Ray purchased his Mk2 2 ltr BDA engined Escort off ex Lydden Hill owner Tom Bissett, Ray told us recently ”this was a pukka Rallycross car which was great, I had regular top 5 finishes in this car.”

The car had previously enjoyed many success in the hands of owner Mark Lloyd; Mark who now lives in Australia, had used the car in BRC and ERC events, it was this car that Mark drove as part of the very successful British Internations Team in the mid 1980’s.

This is the Escort Ray uses to this day. He has re-shelled it along the way and amusingly recalls how, in the late 1990’s, he was told he was not allowed to race in the car until it was tidied up. He was actually named and shamed in Motoring News. An engine failure at the final meeting of that season saw Ray go into semi-retirement. Whilst he was rebuilding his Engine Ray allowed his friend Matt Bristow to use the car in a few meetings in exchange for Matt repairing and repainting the somewhat tired bodyshell.