Stewart Bowes
Lives: Gt Broughton, North Yorkshire
Family: Married to Janet with two sons



Classic Austin mini, semi space frame, 1400cc 5 port with Weber carb, Dog box and LSD


Retro Info:

Stewart and wife Janet  have run a mobile catering business for the last 22 years and have recently bought a fish and chip shop, in Stokesley, and opened an American style Diner next to it.
Stewarts  racing experience has remained firmly with  rallycross; in 1990 the purchase of a Roy Clark rolling shell got his motorsport career off  to a start, but the ex rally metro engine that he hastily installed was somewhat off the pace.  Green and White Mini Spares were commissioned to build an engine for the car which proved to be a reliable and powerful  alternative. So much so that components  of that  original engine are still running today, and can be found in the Ian Biagi car.

Back in the early 90s competition was fierce in formula ‘C’ with as many as  20 meetings a year if you were prepared to travel  around the country. It was a very fast and steep learning curve, as there were a lot of very competitive modern cars appearing, but the minis still held their own in the midst of such diverse competition.

Stewart continued with the Mini on and off for a period of 12 years, his exploits were purposely unsponsored, preferring to compete without the pressure of a third party,  enabling him to race when and where he preferred, subject to finances allowing.

Retiring from the sport in 2002 the Mini was placed in storage for a period of 7 years  and eventually sold to Ian Biagi, where it was prepared for competition once more and in which Ian now uses in the Retro Rallycross Challenge.

The  Retro Rallycross Challenge is what attracted Stewart back in to the sport,  impressed with the popular and growing series he set about searching for a Mini project to get his teeth in to and get back out on the track; having purchased his current Mini that, despite having an impressive Rallycross History and driven by  Mike Dresser,  Steve Foster and Tony Gunson, had spent the previous 15 years sat in a barn. Carrying out a full restoration the Bowes Rallycross Team found that the gearbox was  beyond resurrection.  Once again they called upon Green and White Mini Spares  to breathe life back in to the engine and the car was ready for the start of the 2015 Rallycross season.

The plan is to contest all of the Retro Rallycross rounds, however should business commitments prevent that, a secondary plan has been put in to place that will see Stewart’s youngest son stand in as a guest driver.









Stewart and his wife Janet have run their own  mobile catering business for 22 years and recently acquired a Fish & Chip Shop and American style diner in Stokesley.


Stewarts motorsport exploits remain firmly with Rallycross in a career that began in 1990 when he bought an ex Roy Clark Mini  rolling shell with  power supplied via a ex Rally Metro Engine.


Realising that he was out of pace with that configuration stewart,  in an effort to get a reliable and more powerful set up, commissioned Green and White Mini Spares to build an engine. The components of that very same engine are still in use today and are running in the Ian Biagi car.