Retro Info:

1972 was a key period in the history of Rallycross that saw  many drivers make the move in to the sport at a time when Rallycross from Lydden hill was a regular feature on BBC’s Grandstand. Complete with Murray Walker commentary, the masses had been attracted, and for some they never looked back as we can see in the Retro Rallycross Challenge  with original cars and drivers from that period still heavily involved.

It took Terry Maynard a while longer ; His exploits in that same era saw him preferring  2 wheels and competing in Motorbike Trials, finally taking to the road some 2 years later when he began  Rallying a Ford Twin Cam Escort MK1. Terry continued on that path that included Forest Stages, until eventually making the transition in to Rallycross in the mid 1980’s; Staying with Ford, his choice of a  MK 2 Escort with a Lotus Twin Cam engine,  fitted perfectly in to the Formula C class.

Terry, who is well known for ownership of some very tasty cars, became the enviable owner of the Dimi Mavropoulos Lotus Esprit, and the Eamon Matheson 3 door Sierra GA V6 Both of which were used in Rallycross.

In 1990 the Maynard Team built a Ford Escort Cosworth RS500 which was used to great success that resulted in lifting Championship titles  in the form of the 1992 BRDA National Championship and Northern Championship where he earned his 4 stars in the Supercar Division 1 class. A Triumph TR8 was briefly used and brought that period of Rallycross expedition to a close.

Demonstration events have dominated Terry’s career;  the Isle of Bute and the Goodwood Festival of Speed featured on this agenda with no less than 12 appearances where he showed off his impressive collection that, by the end of the 1990’s, also included a Ford RS 200.

The Lotus Esprit continues to be used in competition in the form of Rally Forest stages, and of course as part of the Retro Rallycross Challenge displays at Croft Race Circuit during the weekend of the MSA British Rallycross Grand Prix.  In 2008/9 the RS200 was entered in the Spanish WRC Rally de Catalunya, Terry described this fast Tarmac Rally as ”an exciting experience”.

The Cholmondeley Pageant of Power in Cheshire continues to be a regular feature in Terry’s annual calendar as does Race Retro at Stoneleigh Park as well as the Bradford Group B ‘Stage in the Park’.

As the first season of the Retro Rallycross Challenge was coming to a close Terry, who was attracted by the series, acquired the ex John Samson TR8 which is a welcome added attraction to  Retro Rallycross.

The story doesn’t end there however, the Maynard Racing Team, despite their already impressive history of Motorsport involvement , topped it off by informing us over Christmas that Terry is now the proud owner of the ex Trevor Hopkins Ford RS200 evo. Terry had received a telephone call from America to ask if he was interested in purchasing the ex Trevor  Hopkins RS200.

Once the deal had been agreed Terry told us ”as you can imagine I didn’t sleep very well over Christmas or until I collected the car and got it back to our workshops. The car has been stripped in to hundreds of bits, but luckily my Father bought me a Meccano set when I was aged 5”.

We contacted Rob Gibson for his comments ”This is exciting news, I  am looking forward to  having this iconic RS200 and my 6R4 reunited on the Track. I knew Ken Block had bought the car off the Hopkins’ family and thought we would never see it again. Trevor was a great guy and I am sure he would be satisfied that the car is in safe hands and returning to the sport that he loved so much” A smiling Rob then added ” all we need now is Rosie back out so that Pat Doran can remind us ‘old chaps’ of how it’s done”.