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Entries are restricted to members of the Retro Rallycross Team. To apply for membership contact retro rallycross or download this form.

Technical Regulations:

For a full set of the latest technical regulations please contact us


Historic Rally Cars:

Cars complying with MSA Historic Rally Regulations.

Rallycross Cars:

Up to 1991

Eligible Vehicles

•Cars that have, or of a type that have, been used in Rallycross in the time periods above ie. A genuine old Rallycross car or replica built to period specification. Although the onus will be on the competitor to prove eligibility, the organiser will assist in verification where requested.

•If the engine is not of a type originally fitted to the car, it must retain the same number of cylinders, and be fitted in the same compartment. Verification will be required to prove that such a combination existed within the permitted periods.

•Turbocharged engines are permitted if used in period.

•Aerodynamic devices (spoilers, wings, etc) may be fitted as long as they do not contravene current safety rules, are of a type and designed used in the period, and do not extend beyond the frontal projection of the original car.

•Sequential gearboxes are not allowed.

•Safety, as per current MSA safety regulations for Rallycross.

•Minimum Licence requirement Non-race Nat B. For competition outside of the UK a Nat A licence will be required.

Allocated paddock space at each event, will ensure that Retro Rallycross Championship Competitors are presented in the best possible way. The centre point of this area will be the Hospitality area, a private area for team use only. Refreshments, lunch etc will be provided for team members at all events and it is here you can entertain your sponsors and guests.

Special guest appearances will happen throughout the year and we work had behind the scenes to promote the challenge via various media outlets, we encourage our competitors to get involved and interact with fans and public.