This 48 minute video shows highlights from the past 50 years of European and British Rallycross with interviews from some of the sports top drivers taken at the Retro Rallycross 50 year anniversary celebration at the Autosport International show in January 2017, includes footage from the Live Action arena
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    Shirley Gibson

    As we prepare to begin our 6th Retro Rallycross season we do so after a year of celebration that was exciting and enjoyable for those who took part, as well as those who supported us along the way.

    When I set out in 2011 to create a series dedicated to the classics that would take us back to in time, I was unsure how well the concept would be received or … read more

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    Meet the drivers

    and their classic Rallycross cars which will be raced in the 2018 Retro Rallycross Championship… View Drivers Pages

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Super-Retro Rallycross
  • 1 – James Harrold – 172 points
  • 2 – Gary Dixon – 153 points
  • 3 – Ray Morgan – 147 points
Retro Rallycross (up to 1601cc)
  • 1 – Ian Biagi – 167 Points
  • 2 – Mark Finch – 137 points
  • 3 – Simon Hart – 96 points